Time Frame

    - Disputes related to demurrage or detention must be submitted within 30 calendar days of date of issuance of the SM Line invoice.
    - SM Line will respond within 30 calendar days from the date it receives the dispute.

    Dispute Documents

      - Disputes must include the following:
        * Invoice Number, B/L Number, Container Number
        * Specific reasons for dispute
         - Free Time, Rate, Term and Lack of Terminal Appointment
        * Supporting document demonstrating why timely return or pick up could not be made for reasons outside the disputant’s control

      - For disputes asserting a lack of appointments:
        (1) A time-stamped screenshot of a terminal appointment system showing no appointments were available for each shift for the specific date(s) disputed.
        (2) Email correspondence with SM Line staff, notifying them of the absence of an appointment and requesting a solution.

      - SM Line will assess each claim in good faith, taking into account the following factors:
        (1) If there is a discrepancy in certain information between screenshots from a third-party website (that is, a data provider other than the terminal/return location or SM Line) and information available to SM Line from a reliable source, such as the terminal/return location (which SM Line may obtain via email, terminal screenshot, etc.), screenshots from the third-party website may not be considered determinative.
        (2) We expect our customers to promptly contact SM Line staff if they encounter a situation involving the unavailability of appointments, enabling SM Line to offer assistance and resolve the issue. Please note that third-party screenshots, without accompanying correspondence with SM Line at the time of occurrence, may not be deemed conclusive.
        (3) If based on the documentation submitted, it is unclear whether a dispute is valid, SM Line retains the right to ask for further information as deemed necessary. Failure to provide such additional information when requested may cause a delay in SM Line's response to the dispute or lead to its denial.